Gifting Season

Gifting Season

The Festive Season is here! That wonderful time of the year is upon us again.

Time for winter holidays for some, family time for many others.

It's time to think of the year past and the year to come. It's that time of the year where we think of the people around us, the wonderful people we work with, and not forgetting our family and our friends both close and far ... it's also time to think of the under privileged people and those in need in this world that we share and live in and how we can help in our very own way.

As christmas carols and jingle bells soon fill the air waves and our malls and as beautiful christmas decorations start to adorn our homes and public spaces, let us not forget to take a moment to remind ourselves of the true meaning of this special season. 

We have chosen the themes of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, BELIEVE, HOPE & BE MERRY this year in our very first Christmas Gift Shop

Every gift shop item comes with a specially selected quote. We hope they are as meaningful to you  as they are to us.

May you remember and enjoy the Joys of the season, be filled with Peace and may there be Peace on earth. We wish that you let Love fill your hearts and your homes, may you Believe in what Christmas truly is and have Hope in the magic of this season. We also Hope that joy, love and peace will prevail always. And that we all Be Merry. Be happy always.

Please enjoy shopping our Christmas Gift Shop (under our Collections, you will find our https://princesspearlsboutique.com/collections/christmas-gift-shop )

Peace, always xx




Lavender! It's all about Lavender

Lavender! It's all about Lavender

It's Springtime in many countries at this time of the year.... and Down Under, the weather however, is getting chilly as the cold season sweeps over slowly. Here in Singapore, what might normally be a wet season is turning out to be the hottest weather yet! But April brings new beginnings, it's the start of the second quarter of the year, how time flies. 

We celebrate the change of the seasons with the addition of our lavender range of products to our PrincessPearls Bathshop and PrincessPearls Pantry

Lavender is much more than just naturally fragrant, pretty & calming. It is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief for problems as varied as burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension. 

Lavender is particularly rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic, pacifying and tonic, while other molecules give it its antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. Of the many therapeutic attributes of the essential oil of Lavender would be one of the most consistently reported benefit of respiratory relief.

A refreshing note to a tired mind – lavender has been named as one of the most useful of the essences for the relief of anxiety and stress.It is good for aches and pains and muscle stiffness and may also help with rheumatic discomfort and joint stiffness. 

The cicatrizant properties of lavender oil are beneficial to healing of wounds including all types of burns and even treatment of eczema, dermatitis, scabies and psoriasis.

From the lavender growers in Yallingup (the region of Margaret River) in Western Australia, we bring in lovingly handmade, all natural, lavender products produced by Cape Lavender for PrincessPearls Boutique.

At our Pantry, we have added in Cape Lavender's Lavender Tea. Caffeine free long leaf loose black tea. Perfect for that relaxing afternoon reading and tea time or have it after dinner to bring your senses to a soothing relaxation mode, in preparation for bedtime.

The BathShop's range of PrincessPearls Healing Balm, Lip Balm and especially the Sleep Balm is MUST TRY! It is simply divine and having tested the sleep balm on my daughter all of this week, it is too good...no more tossing or fidgeting once the lights are out. Rub a little sleep balm onto your little ones wrists or for your older children, rub onto their temples too if you like and let them be lulled into a deep slumber with the all natural combination of oils and lavender and chamomile essential oils.

The Healing Balm is super soothing and when I was first testing the products, I had a bad itch with rashes on my hand and a little something nasty on my outer ear, the healing balm has not just soothed it, it has actually softened my hand and the redness and the itch has stopped.

Having been blessed with relatively good skin all my younger life, it was shocking when I was in my 30s and started having skin issues. Mostly contact dermatitis and some form of eczema. I try not to take oral medications and medicated ointments unless it is very bad. Tried organic products for a while and other than most organic stuff being outrageously expensive, over the recent years when I have started researching the ingredients, they are not all natural, true, they maybe certified organic but when they are combined with chemicals, the result is still non natural. Which explains why nothing really helped for a long time. I then decided to research and bring in only all natural products, straight from the sources. Try this all natural healing balm if you have sensitive skin or skin problems. Safe to be used on little ones too as there are no nasties added to this all natural, handmade product.

The Lavender Refresher Spray scents the bedrooms, the living areas (we have a day bed with lots of pillows and the spray onto these pillows makes it a totally heavenly place to chill), your linens and towels and also onto your face or body as a face or body mist. Delightful! Be careful though, it has such a relaxing effect that I feel like a catnap after each use around the home.

Over the next few months, I will be looking at adding to the Bath Shop the Lavender Arthritic Balm. I have had knee joint issues for years now and this is such a great soother and offers great relief and it is all natural. After years of using Voltaren Gel or Bengay when the pain gets too bad, I have been sourcing for all natural products to help with the knee pains and discomfort. The skin being the largest organ of our body absorbs everything we apply on it. We certainly do not need to add in extra toxic ingredients to ourselves. With the success of the sleep balm, I will also be adding in a Lavender Pillow Mist as well. Let each night be the most relaxing sleep experience for a restful, peaceful sleep.

Do let me know if there are other lavender products you might be keen on. I have explored Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Body Lotion and Hand & Nail Cream but none of these can be truly all natural products as yet. My friends at Cape Lavender are working on this and hopefully soon, I will be able to add them to my artisanal, handmade, all natural range. That is my philosophy with this store, that everything I bring to you is tested and loved by myself and my family first. That they are truly all natural, no added nasties and that we support handmade products.

The Pantry has limited stock of Cape Lavender's home made Dukkah, an Egyptian condiment consisting of a mixture of spices, nuts and herbs. It is a mediterranean favourite and we love it! Add it to your olive oil and serve as a dip or get creative. One of my favourite uses for this is adding it to a rack of lamb and crusting the lamb with this Dukkah. Yumz!!!

Share with us your favourite recipes for using the Dukkah.
Enjoy the lavender products and the limited stock of our home made Dukkah we have .... we hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Everyone deserves to be a princess, Truly xxx

Launch of PrincessPearls Bath Shop

Launch of PrincessPearls Bath Shop

We are thrilled about the inclusion of our Bath Shop. 

We love the heavenly scent from the 100% essential oil soaps and the honey soaps are total indulgence. Pure honey. 

These soaps are handmade in Queensland Australia and they use only sustainable base oils of sunflower, coconut, vegetable, rice bran, castor and soy bean oils. The technique to our handmade soaps uses the cold process which means our ingredients are mixed at very low temperature allowing the soap bars to retain all the natural goodness of the base and essential oils.

All our soap bars come in 100grams which measures 80mm x 50mm x 22mm. 

Some slight variants in each bar of soaps appear because they are hand crafted so no two bar of soap is exactly the same. Which in itself makes it so special. 

We have selected a range of essential oil soaps for you to choose from and some of our preferred honey soaps too. Let us know if you are looking for other scents, essential oils or combination. I would love to hear from you and your personal experience with our soaps. My family and I love the creamy bubbly lather each soap produces and the scent is just heavenly. (We are using Sunrise as I write this blog and our bathroom is a gorgeous scent of musky patchouli with a combination of mandarin, ylang yang and paprika).

With handmade soap, we have special care instructions. Do keep your soap dish out of stream of water while showering and allow it to air dry after each use. Using soap dish that are slotted or with proper drainage will allow almost double the use of your handmade cold process soap. 

Do take note of our promotion and if you purchase 5 or more, please do apply the discount code - buy52016 upon check out to enjoy savings for a SGD$30 special on 5 bars (excluding shipping). If you purchase 12 or more please do apply the discount code - buy122016 upon check out for the SGD$70.80 for 12 bars of soap special (excludes shipping). For all purchases over SGD$80 from our bath shop excluding shipping, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary soap saver handmade cedar wood soap deck.

Enjoy our bath shop. 

Every lady is and deserves to be a princess x Truly x

Cheers, Yvonne 

Welcome to PrincessPearls Boutique

Welcome to PrincessPearls Boutique

Thank you for shopping here with us. We are truly delighted to expand PrincesPearls into a full online store. PrincessPearls, my very own brand created since 2006, continues to deliver beautiful jewellery, mostly pearls. The freshwater pearls are sourced from Suzhou and every piece is lovingly handmade in Shanghai.

Within this boutique, we are super excited to launch PrincessPearls Bath Shop which includes a range of artisan all natural handmade soaps sourced from Australia. I am sure you will enjoy the selection of pure 100% Australian essential oils and honey soap bars I have selected for this store. All of which my family and I enjoy. 

PrincessPearls Closet which we will launch later in 2016 will carry a beautiful selection of fabulously gorgeous and  colourful girls' clothing. I think that you will enjoy these gorgeous pieces and especially the selected hairbands which I will add to the closet. They are absolutely gorgeous and are real head turners. 

Some time later in 2016 I will add in a selection of artisan handmade gourmet yet all natural items into PrincessPearls Pantry.

PrincessPearls Gifts offers a gift consultancy service that I am personally very excited about. If you have a gift for that special occasion or that special someone that you need assistance with - be it sourcing or ideas, engage with me and I am sure that you will be amazed by the pleasant experience we offer in your gifting requirements.

Thank you for stopping by our store. I hope you enjoy the shopping experience with us as much as I have enjoyed selecting the pieces for the store for you. If you have any comments or feedback, please do drop me a line. 

Every lady is and deserves to be a princess x  Truly x

Cheers, Yvonne