• Launch of PrincessPearls Bath Shop
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Launch of PrincessPearls Bath Shop

Launch of PrincessPearls Bath Shop

We are thrilled about the inclusion of our Bath Shop. 

We love the heavenly scent from the 100% essential oil soaps and the honey soaps are total indulgence. Pure honey. 

These soaps are handmade in Queensland Australia and they use only sustainable base oils of sunflower, coconut, vegetable, rice bran, castor and soy bean oils. The technique to our handmade soaps uses the cold process which means our ingredients are mixed at very low temperature allowing the soap bars to retain all the natural goodness of the base and essential oils.

All our soap bars come in 100grams which measures 80mm x 50mm x 22mm. 

Some slight variants in each bar of soaps appear because they are hand crafted so no two bar of soap is exactly the same. Which in itself makes it so special. 

We have selected a range of essential oil soaps for you to choose from and some of our preferred honey soaps too. Let us know if you are looking for other scents, essential oils or combination. I would love to hear from you and your personal experience with our soaps. My family and I love the creamy bubbly lather each soap produces and the scent is just heavenly. (We are using Sunrise as I write this blog and our bathroom is a gorgeous scent of musky patchouli with a combination of mandarin, ylang yang and paprika).

With handmade soap, we have special care instructions. Do keep your soap dish out of stream of water while showering and allow it to air dry after each use. Using soap dish that are slotted or with proper drainage will allow almost double the use of your handmade cold process soap. 

Do take note of our promotion and if you purchase 5 or more, please do apply the discount code - buy52016 upon check out to enjoy savings for a SGD$30 special on 5 bars (excluding shipping). If you purchase 12 or more please do apply the discount code - buy122016 upon check out for the SGD$70.80 for 12 bars of soap special (excludes shipping). For all purchases over SGD$80 from our bath shop excluding shipping, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary soap saver handmade cedar wood soap deck.

Enjoy our bath shop. 

Every lady is and deserves to be a princess x Truly x

Cheers, Yvonne 

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    Yvonne Suberamaniam

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